Since I started my career (late 90s) back in Brazil, I’ve always dreamed about reaching certain milestones. Getting a degree in computer science, then pursue a masters degree with a good university, become a good software engineer with solid fundamentals in computation and programming, build a strong relationships network, so on so forth.

At the time, Microsoft, Apple and IBM were huge companies already and were producing most of the technology the market was consuming. Sun Microsystems and Oracle were also big players, but focusing efforts in enterprise, mostly.

The surge and popularization of internet couple years later changed everything and reorganized that brand new tech market. New business needs were raised, and as result new companies were born to address those needs. The most prominent of them? Google. Years later, SalesForce and Facebook also gained notoriety and joined the list of the “big techs”.

The fact is, career-wise, that new competitive landscape in tech enchanted me so badly that made me reconsider my initial career goals and change the direction of it completely (I initially thought of settling down as researcher in a good research center) and woke up a big desire of working for those big companies one day.

The journey with Microsoft

Several years later after having experimented different roles and types of challenges, become a full time employee with Microsoft in Brazil turned out feasible, and obviously I took it. I still remember the feeling of seeing that email in my inbox titled “Microsoft Offer Letter”. It was a dream come true.

In Microsoft I started as Cloud Evangelist. At the time, I had the chance to work with Microsoft’s partners moving entire solutions into Azure and, at the same time, getting closer to tech community in Brazil. It was a great time with a fantastic team.

Then, couple years later I was offered a position as Cloud Solution Architect for Americas in Education. That role would require me to relocate to the US. It was very much aligned with both professional and personal goals so, I took it. In that role I had some of the greatest moments of my career. I had incredible teammates and an inspiring manager. I’ve learned a lot from them and from the challenges I faced.

Later, I joined the education team in the US subsidiary. Another incredible experience. Work closely with the most strategic educational customers in United States was a blast and again, I learned a lot. Another amazing team with an inspiring manager.

Finally, I had the chance to join Azure’s Elite Team in Microsoft Corp: Black Belts. As cloud native specialist in that team, I had the chance to work with a very gifted/talented team tackling some very challenging scenarios in Microsoft’s cloud with some of company’s most strategic customers. Unfortunately, it was a short period of time but I’m extremely grateful for being able to be part of that amazing team.

Microsoft made me a better person and a better professional, and for that I will always be deeply grateful.

As everything in life is a cycle and sadly cycles will soon or later come to an end, recently I came to realize that mine with Microsoft was not different. Couple of weeks ago, my virtuous cycle with Microsoft wrapped up to give place to a new one in my career, in a different company, with a different technology in a different role. See next.

Next chapter: Google

I’m thrilled to share that starting today I’m joining Google Cloud Platform (GCP) team as Principal Enterprise Architect Lead for Education in Latin America.

I’m happy to be back in the Education business (where I’ve built most of my career around) in Latam, region where I originally come from and know so well. I will continue to be based in Florida.

I’m excited but also truly honored for being able to join such amazing company and team and work very closely to Google’s Education’s customers in the region. Looking forward to it!

As Google gets deeper and deeper in the industry and fully commits itself with building nothing but the best cloud platform for Education in different verticals, I feel challenged and bumped at the same time for taking on a strategic role on developing the best practices and approaches with Education customers and partners on top of GCP alongside a very capable team of architects and engineers in the company.

Because Google’s solutions portfolio for Education is so wide and rich and GCP integrates so seamless with it, I’m pretty sure our customers in the region will unlock their full potential on top of those pieces altogether. I’m glad for being part of it.

About this website? Rest assured. Content here will continue to be published in even more accelerated pace. I’m looking forward for sharing my learnings and great stories we’ll certainly see throughout the region in a near future.

Now, let’s get back to work!


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