Fabricio has a degree in Computer Science and a master degree in Electrical Engineering by São Paulo’s University, Brazil. If you’re interested, you can found Fabricio’s thesis down here.

He has also published several articles and papers in partnership with other researchers from Sao Paulo’s University by the time he went through his master degree. If you’re interested on knowing more about Fabricio’s publications, visit his Lattes Curriculum to see what he has been able to accomplish thus far.

Professional experience

Fabricio has over 20-years experience in tech’s world, either leading technical teams, implementing and managing different kinds of transformational projects both in private and public sectors, or acting as titular professor/researcher for universities in Brazil.

You can found a fully detailed view about Fabricio’s professional experience on LinkedIn by following this link.


Fabricio is also a certified professional, being recognized in different levels by Microsoft as you can see below.



Fabricio is also podcaster. With his good friend Evilazaro Alves, he founded and is currently one of the hosts for Cloud Casters, a monthly podcast that discusses cloud computing, architecture, technologies and services, digital transformation, career in tech, business, trends in cloud and more.

Currently, Cloud Casters is available in Brazilian Portuguese only, but english production will start soon. Stay tuned.

Technical communities

He also has a long-term relationship and commitment with technical communities either by creating technical content and making them available through its blog or delivering technical presentations from small to big events, reason by which Microsoft has nominated him MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in 2012. He was awarded in two different categories: ASP.NET/IIS and Azure.

Fabricio had also produced a book (in PT-BR) which teaches developers to build applications using ASP.NET MVC framework. You can see details about its book by giving a click on this link.

Fabrício has been maintaining two blogs:

  • personal blog (english-based) where he has been blogging about Azure, projects, development scenarios and more. All the content produced there is free.
  • personal blog (portuguese-based) where he has been blogging since he stated his engagement with technical communities. All the content produced there is free.


Currently, Fabricio is part of the Global Black Belt team in Microsoft Corp, serving as Sr. Apps Innovation Specialist. He’s currently living in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.