On May 23rd, I had a chance to deliver out in partnership with both Microsoft Canada’s and Lab Service’s engineering teams a webinar about Azure Lab Services.

While Claude Remillard (Group Manager for Lab Services team) delivered a talk about the strategic vision for Lab Services and how institutions have been leveraging the service to optimize the way that virtual labs have been pushed down to students, I got the duty of demonstrating how the service works based upon real scenarios. At the very end, we had a chance to answer questions raised by the audience.

If you would like to know more about the service and how it works, I strongly recommend you watch the session for free. You can watch the video-on-demand by giving a click on the link below.

On demand video: https://aka.ms/AA55ltw

I have also published an article here in the blog about service Labs. Please, feel free to go after it if you want to details about it.

Article: https://aka.ms/labservicesedu

Hope it helps. Enjoy!


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