Fabricio Sanchez

Fabricio Sanchez

Principal Architect Lead at Google. Ben’s daddy and Angie’s husband. Crazy about tech, books, cinema, music and tennis. Writter and Podcaster.

Hello! This is Fabricio here. I’m a Principal Architect Lead at Google. I’m currently responsible for driving and executing transformational projects and leading technical teams in the education sector, leveraging my expertise in cloud computing, digital transformation, and application modernization and Artificial Intelligence. I’ve gathered a bit more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry (yes, I’m getting old).

Throghout my career I was lucky enough for being able to form a diverse and rich background, having served in various roles and industries. I co-founded and currently lead the content creation are of Cloud Casters, a podcast that discusses cloud topics in a relaxed and deeply informative way, and that has seen a terrific growth in audience (+800%) QoQ. Over my career, I have helped on developing and designed hundreds of high-scalable solutions which are mostly used by millions of users every day sitting on all the three main cloud providers: Google, Microsoft and AWS. I have also successfuly led technical teams of both engineers and tech sales, helping companies like Microsoft, Google, UCB and Conio Technologies on reaching out their growth goals.

I do hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil and dozens of official certifications. As well, I’m a Google Cloud Certified Professional (GCCP), Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCPS). As you can see, I’m very passionated about sharing his knowledge and helping others solve complex problems in the cloud.

I’m glad you’re here. Thank you and enjoy the content.

Latest Articles

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Building a questions generator app with Gen AI

Couple of weeks ago I wrote an article here at the website discussing the big shift caused by the arrival of Generative AI in the industry of education. In that context, I mentioned that one of the ways this change was going to happen was that from now on, we’re going to get ourselves very focused on a given industry (because the knowledge about the industry truly matters now) and so, we’re going to be talking a lot more about use cases.

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Generative AI applied to Education - The big shift

When the shift towards cloud computing happened in the market years ago, I remember seeing myself in meetings full of people explaining about what this new consumption-based business was all about and how the way of thinking the whole process of innovation and IT would need to change for this to make sense to companies. Right, I mean, moving virtual machines from on-prem to the public just to say “hey, my company runs on the cloud” didn’t (and still doesn’t) add any value to the business itself.

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Life of a brazilian living and working in the US

It was a Thursday night, around 9 PM in 2018 when a very expected email (with the headline saying “Microsoft US Job Offer - Cloud Solution Architect”) finally arrived at my Mail inbox. I remember it as if it had happened yesterday. The mix of emotions. Excitement and fear combined. Only thinking about it now makes me emotional. It was the materialization of a dream. Three months later, we were moving to the US with our hearts thankful, happy, sad and full of hope with our new chapter.

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The future of education is digital

Recently, I got in touch with a study that stated that, among those “content-based industries” in the market, Education is the one who invests less in technology, averaging 3% (against 35% for other industries) under the same segment, and considering my experience in the industry, I think it reflects the reality very well.