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Life of a brazilian living and working in the US

It was a Thursday night, around 9 PM in 2018 when a very expected email (with the headline saying “Microsoft US Job Offer - Cloud Solution Architect”) finally arrived at my Mail inbox. I remember it as if it had happened yesterday. The mix of emotions. Excitement and fear combined. Only thinking about it now makes me emotional. It was the materialization of a dream. Three months later, we were moving to the US with our hearts thankful, happy, sad and full of hope with our new chapter.

education technology

The future of education is digital

Recently, I got in touch with a study that stated that, among those “content-based industries” in the market, Education is the one who invests less in technology, averaging 3% (against 35% for other industries) under the same segment, and considering my experience in the industry, I think it reflects the reality very well.